Wednesday, 29 October 2014

About whether I've taken in the mystery code

About whether I've taken in the mystery code expressions of book commentators who don't generally need you to hear what they're saying. "Transitioning," for instance, signifies "self-included youngster anguishes over reckless details." "Inside odyssey" means nothing happens. "Reflective" implies psychobabble. 

Also later: 

A book of "artistic depictions" means nothing happens. 

"An expressive residential community memory" means nothing happens. 

"Loaded with wry understanding" means nothing happens. 

A "rumination," a "pastiche," a "twinkling little gem of a novel," "a calm purge," "a voyage through memory" or an "idyllic epitaph" all mean nothing ever happens. 

Turf OFF! I've chosen to enjoy a reprieve from bashing the Frogs, and today I'm turning my fierceness onto the Limeys. (I did a bit of that yesterday, as well.) I simply read today that Anne Robinson—the irritating, dykey host of The Weakest Link—conceives that Americans are imbecilic. Her proof: 

Does she think Americans are absolutely more moronic than the Brits? "You need to recall that just five for every penny of Americans have identifications," she says. "That clarifies a lot..." 

To me, it clarifies why most Americans (outside of the colleges, at any rate) have gotten away from the disagreeable Continental leftism and Euro-snootiness that certain Brits have assimilated in the wake of making a trip to Frogville and Krautland once again and again. At the same time genuinely, does Robinson surmise that the residents of a landmass crossing country a country with various atmospheres, and in addition characteristic and man-made miracles ought to be required to travel abroad as frequently as the individuals who occupy a little, storm-battered island in the North Atlantic? This is especially senseless since Canada, the outside nation that Americans are well on the way to need to visit, doesn't oblige us to have travel permits. 

It deteriorates: 

"You can simply tell Texans," she says. "They wear huge, splendid, multi- shaded sweaters. Each time I see one, I think God's made an alternate rainbow. At that point you get the clean-shaven Right-wing Christian sorts. The Jews on our group are continually snickering at them saying: 'He wouldn't have given us a chance to stow away in his upper room.'" 

It is odd that Anne Robinson, who thinks of us as Americans to be loathesomely uninformed of anything outside our fringes, is ignorant that the South is presently a standout amongst the most master Jewish districts of the United States. This is especially valid concerning Israel. Be that as it may I forgot...leftists like Jews just in the event that they are powerless, ethically obliged to the Left, and ideally radical themselves. That essentially discounts the Israelis. 

Maybe the English Channel isn't the main motivation behind why Britain hasn't been attacked in the previous 1000 years. 

P.c. Preposterousness: Apparently, you're not permitted to utilize the term quick and dirty in Britain. This is rich: 

"Low down" is banned in light of the fact that it is thought to start from a slave merchants' expression to portray the trash left at the lowest part of a slave dispatch after a voyage. 

This sounds like a heap of poo to me, kind of like the sham inception of cookout that surfaced several years prior. Indeed, my lexicon says the accompanying: "twentieth c.: orig. uncert." Load of poo affirmed. 

Indeed the article itself can't evade silly political accuracy: 

He said the expression "pikeys" used to portray a specific sort of criminal more often than not from the voyaging group was glared upon. 

"Voyaging" group? That is an exceptionally indirect method for saying "Tramp"! 

In any case, I wouldn't have realized that in the event that I hadn't seen the motion picture Snatch. As such, the BBC has ejected its dedication to conveying actualities, supplanting it with a wink and a poke to the individuals who know the realities. Helping the BBC in their muddling is an entire new classification of PC dialect: terms so ambiguous that you can't even think about what they truly mean. 

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